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The Top Reasons Why Self-Publishers Deny Publisher or Distributor-Level Access

Self-publishing has become popular for many authors who want to retain complete control over their work and bypass traditional publishing routes. However, self-publishing has challenges, including publisher or distributor-level access. This lack of access can make it difficult for self-publishers to reach a wider audience and distribute their books effectively. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 reasons why self-publishers may not be able to provide publisher or distributor-level access. By understanding these reasons, authors can make informed decisions about their publishing journey and ensure their book reaches their full potential. Here are the top 5 reasons why self-publishers may not be able to provide this level of access:


The fear of losing control over the book and the potential to sell additional marketing services often results in self-publishers being reluctant to offer this level of access. As a result, authors must weigh the level of access they require from their self-publisher and make an informed decision when selecting a self-publisher. The author should choose a self-publisher willing to provide the necessary level of control over their book, ensuring the author has the level of access and transparency they require.

Royalty Inquiries

Royalty inquiries are essential to the publishing process, as they provide authors with information about their sales and earnings. When authors have full access to their distributor account, they can quickly check their sales data, royalties, and earnings, reducing the need for assistance from the self-publisher. This can lead to a decrease in the self-publishers income, as they may no longer receive calls from authors seeking help with royalty inquiries which are often opportunities to upsell services.

Technical Expertise

Provision of the publisher or distributor-level account requires technical expertise. This includes understanding the distribution channels, setting up accounts, and managing the delegation of the distribution process. Many self-publishers don’t have the technical expertise to provide this level of access. They may not have the experience, knowledge, or resources to set up a distributor-level account.

This lack of technical expertise can cause several issues for self-publishers. Furthermore, self-publishers who don’t have the technical expertise to provide distributor-level access may be unable to market and promote their books as well effectively. 

Time Constraints

Self-publishing companies are often small and operate with limited resources, including time. Providing authors with distributor-level access can be time-consuming and require technical expertise and attention to detail. It can also require significant effort to set up and maintain the necessary systems and processes to support author access. Given the limited time, expertise, and resources that self-publishers have, providing distributor-level access may not be a priority.

The absence of publisher or distributor access presents a difficulty for authors who want clear visibility of their royalty information. Recognizing the significance of this access can assist authors in making informed choices regarding their publishing path. By collaborating with established independent publishers rather than self-publishing, authors can guarantee their book will be well promoted and reach a larger audience with the necessary resources, skills, and credibility to provide the desired level of access.

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