Request Access to a Distributor Account

Authors directly access sales data and royalty payments from retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books with a distributor-level account. This means that authors can see exactly how many copies of their book have been sold and how much money they are owed. Gone are the days of relying on publishers or distributors to provide this information.

Transparent Royalty Access

As a writer, you have probably experienced the frustration of not knowing exactly how much your book has earned or how much you will receive in royalty payments. Hybrid and self-publishing houses often need more transparency, leaving authors in the dark about their book sales and earnings.

As the most trusted choice in book publishing, we believe in treating authors as partners, not just commodities. We understand that authors put in a lot of hard work and take significant financial risks to get their books published. As such, we believe that authors deserve to know exactly how much money their book is making and how much they will receive in royalties.

Author Advisory

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