Marketing Services

We recognize the specialized requirements of authors and have consequently designed a range of services tailor-made for them. These services are structured to assist authors in securing the widest possible publication and reach for their work. With our aid, authors can be confident that their work is being promoted to the most renowned media sources and readers throughout the world.


Online Publicity Services

Utilizing the proper public relations services can help to get your book featured in prestigious outlets, such as Forbes, Men’s Health, and Bloomberg. Tailoring a PR plan to your book can increase exposure, ultimately leading to more significant sales and recognition.


Online Marketing Services

Online marketing services provide authors with a comprehensive approach to promote and sell their books. From social media advertising to email marketing campaigns, these services utilize various digital tools to target the right audience and increase book sales. By partnering with Jefferson Literary, authors can focus on their craft while leaving the marketing and promotional aspects in the hands of experts.

Social Media Marketing Services

As an author, it is important to get your work out there, for the world to see. Social media has become a key component in marketing and promotion for authors, allowing them to reach entirely new audiences with very little overhead. Utilizing social media marketing services can help ensure that your book is seen by the right people and can even help to increase revenue.

Website Development

As authors, we all know the struggle of getting our books noticed and out into the world. It can feel like a constant battle of marketing, promotion, and getting out there to be seen and heard. But what if there was an easier way to get your book noticed, increase exposure, and sell more copies while collecting the bulk of the proceeds?

Blog Article Feature

Blogs have become a popular platform for promoting authors and their works, offering an effective way to get your book into the spotlight. Whether a new author or an established one, having your work featured on a high-traffic blog post can help increase your credibility, improve your brand awareness, and reach more readers.

Blog Tour Campaign

If you're a published author looking to increase your reach and gain more attention for your book, then utilizing different blog sites to get featured is an excellent way to do so. By having different compelling articles written about you and your book, you can gain exposure to a variety of targeted audiences in terms of readers and industry professionals. This is an excellent way to create a buzz around your work, connect with potential readers, and draw the attention of filmmakers and agents.

Podcast Tour Campaign

One of the best ways to gain attention for your book and reach more readers is to seek out interviews with podcasts. Being interviewed on a podcast gives your book the recognition and attention it deserves and provides an effective way to connect with people who may be interested in learning more about your work. Not only can interviews help boost your book’s sales, but they can also help you build relationships with and engage a whole new audience.

Podcast Management

Establishing a podcast is an effective way to reach new audiences and demonstrate your expertise. Achieving success with a podcast isn’t easy, and often requires time, effort and professional support. We understand the challenge that comes with starting and managing a podcast, which is why we have developed an innovative podcast management service to help you. Our service is equipped with the tools and resources needed to ensure your podcast is set up for success and reaches the right people.


Library Marketing Services

Having a book published is a great accomplishment. It means that readers around the world have the opportunity to read your story, your ideas, and your work. But in order to do that, you need to get your book into the hands of libraries. This is where our library marketing service can help. Our library marketing service specializes in connecting authors with public and school libraries across the United States that might be interested in keeping a copy of your book.

Public Library Marketing Campaign

Public libraries provide a great opportunity for authors and independent publishers to get their books into the hands of readers. The public library system can be a valuable resource for anyone looking to increase their readership and for authors or independent publishers looking to bring their books to a larger audience.

School Library Marketing Campaign

The school library is an integral part of the educational system, providing access to knowledge, resources, and information to both teachers and students alike. As such, authors and publishers need to take advantage of school libraries' marketing and outreach potential to reach potential readers and customers.


Hollywood Essentials

Our services are designed to help authors showcase their work most professionally and compellingly as possible. Our team will review and provide feedback on your book, helping you refine your story and make it more appealing to Hollywood executives. We’ll also provide valuable resources and advice on the best way to present your work, including assistance with creating a pitch deck and putting together a targeted list of industry contacts.

Our extensive network of industry contacts is second to none, and we’ll leverage it to help you get your work in front of the right people. Whether you’re looking to secure a book deal or land a movie adaptation, Hollywood Essentials has the expertise and connections to help you make it happen.


 A book treatment is an effective way to increase your chances of landing a movie deal. It provides a clear and concise story overview, allowing producers and directors to quickly evaluate its potential and make an informed decision. It also serves as a valuable marketing tool, showcasing your writing skills and storytelling ability, and helping to generate interest in the project.


The screenplay can help the author land a movie deal by providing a visual representation of their story and characters, making it easier for producers to understand the book's potential as a film or TV show. A well-written and well-presented screenplay can also demonstrate the author's understanding of the story's visual and dramatic elements and show that they have thought about how it could be adapted for the screen. 

Hollywood and Producer Pitch

As an author, you've already taken the first step in bringing your creative vision to life. But with Jefferson Literary's Hollywood Call, you can take your storytelling to the next level by making it into a movie. Our comprehensive service provides you with the necessary support to get noticed by Hollywood executives, independent producers, and film agents to secure a potential movie deal.


Literary Agent Campaigns

Our Literary Agent Campaign services also include access to our extensive database of literary agents, so you can be sure that you are targeting the right people for your book. Our team will help you craft a strong pitch and will provide support throughout the submission process, so you can feel confident in your ability to secure a publishing or movie deal.


Book Reviews

As an author, the ultimate goal is to have your book reach as many readers as possible. However, in a world where hundreds of thousands of books are published every year, standing out is no easy feat. This is where book reviews come in. Reviews are a powerful tool for authors to increase visibility, boost sales, and establish credibility. They provide potential readers with an unbiased opinion of the book, and can ultimately make or break a purchase decision. In fact, studies have shown that books with positive reviews are much more likely to sell than those without.

Book Event Management by Jefferson Literary


Book Events

As an author, getting your book in front of a wider audience can be challenging. With so many books being published daily, it can be difficult to stand out. However, there are ways to reach more readers and increase your book’s visibility. One effective method is participating in book events such as book signings and launches. These events provide an opportunity for authors to connect with readers in a meaningful way, share their work, and build their brand. Whether you’re a new author or an established one, book events can help you expand your reach and connect with your audience on a personal level.

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