Book Review on Video

Book reviews on video provide authors with powerful social proof that can boost their credibility and attract a wider audience. By showcasing positive testimonials from readers in a video format, potential readers can see and hear firsthand how others have enjoyed and benefited from the book. This visual and auditory evidence of satisfaction can significantly influence the purchasing decisions of potential readers, as they trust the opinions and experiences of their peers. Additionally, video reviews can be easily shared on social media platforms, reaching a wider audience and generating more interest in the book. With compelling video testimonials, authors can effectively build their reputation, establish trust with readers, and increase the chances of their book becoming a success.


  • -A filmed 3-5-minute book review from a reader (Canada or USA)
  • Premium licensed music
  • Video color correction, grading, and editing
  • Distribution through YouTube, Rumble, and Vimeo
  • Clipped sections for Facebook and Instagram posting
  • Great social proof for your book
  • Can be added to your website


Why Book Review on Video

With book reviews on video, authors can leverage the power of social proof to increase their book’s credibility and attract more readers. When potential readers see real people sharing their positive experiences with a book, it builds trust and encourages them to give it a chance. Video reviews add an extra layer of authenticity and engagement, as viewers can see and hear the reviewer’s genuine enthusiasm and passion for the book. This social proof not only helps authors gain more exposure but also increases the likelihood of conversions and sales. If you’re an author looking to boost your book’s reach and reputation, consider utilizing video book reviews to showcase the positive impact your work has had on readers.

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